Angular 11 Forms Tutorial: The Complete Guide

In this example, we will use Reactive forms. Reactive forms provide the model-driven approach to handle the form inputs whose values change over time.  Angular 11 Forms Reactive forms use a specific and immutable approach to managing the state of the form at a given time. Each change to the form state returns the new state, which … Read more

Angular’s Latest Features And Updates

Angular’s new version is released with Angular Material and Angular CLI. Angular is released with improved application performance. Angular Material and CDK have new features like Virtual Scrolling and Drag and Drop. CLI prompts the new feature in Angular CLI. Angular Features And Updates New ng-compiler CLI prompts Angular DoBootstrap Improved Angular performance Ivy renderer A new ng-compiler The new compiler is capable of excellent … Read more

How to Update Angular CLI to Latest Version

In this article, we will upgrade from Angular to its latest version. Almost every 6-12 months, a new version of Angular is released. So to be up to date with the latest version is must needed step. You can find more about Angular CLI in its official documentation. How to Update Angular CLI to Latest … Read more

How to Update the Latest Angular CLI Version

To update Angular CLI to the latest version, update the global packages. If you are starting a brand new angular project, you must update comprehensive packages. Still, if you want to upgrade an existing project, you have to update project-specific packages. You can perform the necessary update to the current stable release of the core … Read more

How to Check Angular Version using Command Line

To create an Angular project in our local system, we use Angular CLI. The best way to create a boilerplate that helps us run with an Angular project. Checking the Angular version of your project is very easy. Let me show you how to do that. How to check the Angular version To check an … Read more

Angular 14 FormGroup: The Complete Guide

Angular FormGroup tracks the value and validity state of a group of FormControl instances. ReactiveFormsModule enables FormGroup. FormGroup is used with FormControl and FormArray. The role of FormGroup is to track the value and validation state of the form control. Angular 14 FormGroup Angular FormGroup aggregates the values of each child FormControl into one object, … Read more

Angular Sass: How to use Sass in Angular 14

Angular supports Sass, CSS, and Less to style global application styles as well as component styles. In addition, angular component styles have an effective CSS encapsulation mechanism that assures any component CSS is local to the component and does not globally alter any styles. Angular Sass Angular Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) is an extension … Read more

Angular 13 Router Navigate: The Complete Guide

To implement the navigation within the single page of your Angular application, use the Router. To handle the navigation from one view to the next, use the Angular router. The router enables navigation by interpreting a browser URL as an instruction to change the view. Introducing Angular 13 Router Angular Router is a built-in robust … Read more

Angular Checkbox: How to Use Checkbox in Angular 13

A typical UI pattern for an application is a collection of elements where the user must select one too many given items. We typically would handle this scenario with a checkbox list. Angular checkbox The angular checkbox is a regular checkbox that can be seen as a square box that is ticked (checked) when activated. … Read more