JavaScript Number MAX_VALUE Property

JavaScript Number.MAX_VALUE property “returns the largest number possible.” To get the maximum number in JavaScript, you can use the “Number.MAX_VALUE” property. Syntax Number.MAX_VALUE Return value Type Description Number 1.7976931348623157e+308 Example console.log(Number.MAX_VALUE) Output 1.7976931348623157e+308 The Number. MAX_VALUE returns the maximum number 1.7976931348623157e+308 in JavaScript. The MAX_VALUE property has a value of approximately 1.79E+308 or 21024. Values … Read more

How to Replace Multiple Strings in JavaScript

To replace multiple strings in JavaScript, you can use the “string.replace()”, “string.replaceAll()”, or “split()” and “join()” methods. Method 1: Using the string.replace() function You can use the string.replace() method to replace multiple strings with other strings in JavaScript. let str = “Netflix has StrangerThings, BlackMirror, and HouseOfCards”; let mapObj = { StrangerThings:”Millie Bobby Brown”, BlackMirror:”Anthony … Read more

How to Check If an Array Includes an Object in JavaScript

To check if an array includes an object in JavaScript, use one of the following ways: Using the array.includes() function Using the array.some() function Using the array.filter() function Using the array.findIndex() function Using the array.find() function Method 1: Using the array.includes() function You can use the “array.includes()” method to check if an array contains an … Read more

How to Fix subquerybuilder.getparameters is not a function in JavaScript

JavaScript raises subquerybuilder.getparameters is not a function error when the object referenced, “subquerybuilder”, does not have a method or function called “getparameters”. Reasons The object is not being properly instantiated. The method is not defined within the object’s class or prototype. The framework you are using to see if the method “getparameters” exists in the … Read more

8 Ways to Check If JavaScript Array Contains an Element

The quick way to check if an array contains an element in JavaScript is by using the array.includes() method. E.g., the main_array.includes(“element”) expression returns true or false where “element” is the value to search for. Apart from the .includes() method, there are alternate ways to check if an array contains an element in JavaScript. Using array.indexOf() method … Read more

JavaScript Sleep: How to Pause Code Execution

JavaScript does not have a built-in sleep() function that pauses the code execution for a specified period of time. But you can use the methods such as setTimeout(), async/await, promises, or generators. How to create a sleep function in JavaScript? To create a sleep() function in JavaScript, use the combination of async/await with the setTimeout() … Read more

How to Find the Sum of an Array of Numbers

Here are the ways to find the sum of an array of numbers in JavaScript: Using “array.reduce()” method Using the “array.forEach()” method Using the “” method Using “for loop” Using “while loop” Method 1: Using array.reduce() method The easiest way to find a sum of an array in JavaScript is to use the “array.reduce()” method. The … Read more