How to Create Multilingual Website using Laravel Localization

This tutorial will see How To Create a Multilingual Website using Laravel Localization. For this example, we will use Laravel and do it from scratch. If you are not familiar with Laravel, please check out my Laravel CRUD Example. There are so many different ways, like using third-party packages or building it from scratch using … Read more

How to Deploy Laravel Project on Heroku

In this small tutorial, I will guide you on deploying the Laravel application to Heroku. Heroku Cloud Application Platform is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables developers to run, build, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. Heroku is a public PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider that makes it easy to deploy applications … Read more

Laravel Bootstrap Modal Form Validation: Complete Guide

Laravel provides an easy way to validate without ajax. Laravel Bootstrap Modal Form Validation To create a bootstrap modal form validation in Laravel, use the simple ajax form validation using a bootstrap modal. The server checks all the input fields against specified validation, and if any of the validation breaks, it will redirect to our … Read more

Laravel 9 Email Verification: Complete Guide

You need to configure the settings and write some minimal code to set up everything in this version. Email verification is the most functionality in web apps, and laravel makes it very easy. So let us do it then. Laravel 9 Email Verification Many web applications require their users or customers to verify their email … Read more

How to Create Comment Nesting in Laravel

In any topic-specific forum, there is always a structure where you need to reply to someone’s comment, and then somebody replies in their comment, and so on. So comment nesting is very useful in any web application, exposing public interest.  How to Create Comment Nesting in Laravel To create a comment nesting in Laravel, use … Read more

Laravel One to One Relationship: Complete Guide

Laravel is famously known as an Eloquent ORM, which is Object-Relational Mapper. This tutorial will see how the One To One Relationship in Laravel is working with an example. So come along with me. Prerequisites If you are new to Laravel Eloquent Relationships, check out my Laravel Eloquent Relationships article in this blog. Laravel One … Read more

How to Integrate Admin Template in Laravel

If you are building a web application, then the admin panel is the most used web part. So in today’s tutorial, I will show you how to integrate any admin panel easily with Laravel. We will do it from scratch. We will use AdminLTE. Integrate admin template in Laravel To integrate an admin template in … Read more

Laravel guzzle http client: Complete Guide

In a real-world scenario, we use Guzzle Http Client to send a request from the Laravel server to third-party servers like Github API, Facebook API, Payment apis like Paypal or Stripe. In this example, I am not sending the Network request to any of these APIs, but I will create my Laravel server and communication … Read more

Laravel Vue Chat Application: The Complete Guide

The chat application is common nowadays since Pandemic has disrupted lives worldwide. This tutorial will build a Real-time Chat application using Laravel and Vue.js. Laravel Vue Chat Application To create a chat application in Laravel with Vue.js, use the Pusher’s real-time messaging service, and at the client-side, use Laravel Echo and Pusher.js library to update … Read more

Laravel Multiple Files Upload Example Step by Step

We are going to build multiple files upload system using Laravel. This tutorial will show you how to use laravel default validation with jQuery ajax in the frontend. The server validates all the inputs against defined validation, and if any of the validation is going to fail, it will redirect to our create page with … Read more

Laravel Stripe Payment Integration: The Complete Guide

The Stripe payment gateway has built an easy-to-use reputation for developers and store owners. In addition, because of its excellent compatibility with Laravel, Stripe has become the go-to payment gateway for Laravel eCommerce stores. The demand for Saas-based platforms is increasing daily; nowadays, building a subscription-based system is universal. So to make things easy on … Read more