How to Fix fatal error in launcher: unable to create process using ‘”‘

The error Fatal error in launcher: Unable to create process using ‘”‘ typically occurs in a Windows environment and is often related to Python or Python-based utilities like pip.

The main reason for the fatal error in launcher: unable to create process using ‘”‘ is  “incorrect path settings, corrupted Python installations, or conflicts between multiple Python versions.”

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the error:

Solution 1: Install and Check Python Installation

  1. Download Python 3 from the official website and install it via express installation
  2. Copy and Paste the standalone python into the ampps/python folder and overwrite the python version provided by AMPPS
  3. Run the python -m pip install –upgrade pip in cmd.
  4. Run python –version or python -V to check if Python is installed properly.
  5. Run pip –version to check if pip is installed properly.

If you get an error or don’t see the expected version, it may indicate that the installation is corrupt or not configured correctly.

Solution 2: Reinstall Python

Sometimes reinstalling Python can fix this issue. Check the box that says “Add Python to PATH” during installation.

Solution 3: Use Full Paths

Try using the full path to the Python executable or script you are trying to run. For example:


Solution 4: Check Environment Variables

  1. Go to System Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables.
  2. Under System Variables, find Path and click Edit.
  3. Make sure the path to your Python executable is there.

Solution 5: Run as Administrator

Sometimes running the command prompt as an administrator can resolve permissions issues that may be causing this error.

Solution 6: Repair Python Installation

You can try running the Python installer again and choosing the “Repair” option.

Solution 7: Use a Virtual Environment

Sometimes using a virtual environment can bypass issues with system-wide Python installations. You can create a virtual environment by running:

python -m venv myenv

And then activate it:

  1. On Windows: myenv\Scripts\Activate
  2. On macOS and Linux: source myenv/bin/activate

Solution 8: Update pip

Sometimes the issue can be resolved by updrade the pip:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

Solution 9: Check for Multiple Python Installations

If you have multiple versions of Python installed, they could be conflicting with each other. Make sure you are running the correct version.

That’s it!

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