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How to Convert Python Tuple to List


Lists and tuples are Python’s most used data typesThe tuple data type in Python is similar to a list with one difference that element values of a tuple can not be modified, and tuple items are put between parentheses instead of a square bracket. To convert the Python list to tuple, use the tuple() method.

Convert Python Tuple to List

To convert a tuple to list in Python, use the list() method. Python list() method takes a tuple as an argument and returns the list. The list() takes sequence types and converts them to lists.




The sequence is a tuple that will be converted into the list.

Return Value

The list() method returns the list.


tup = (21, 19, 11, 46, 18)

lt = list(tup)


(21, 19, 11, 46, 18)
[21, 19, 11, 46, 18]

You can see that list() method has converted a tuple into a list and all the elements of the tuple are intact.

Convert a list of tuples into a list

To convert a list of tuples into a list, use the list comprehension.

# List of tuple initialization
listoftuples = [("Apple", 1), ("Microsoft", 2), ("Amazon", 3)]

# Using list comprehension
out = [item for t in listoftuples for item in t]

# Printing output


['Apple', 1, 'Microsoft', 2, 'Amazon', 3]

Using list comprehension, we can convert a list of tuples into one single list.

You can also use itertools.chain() method to convert a list of tuple into a list.

# Importing itertools
import itertools

# List of tuple initialization
tuple = [(11, 21), (31, 41), (51, 61)]

# Using itertools
out = list(itertools.chain(*tuple))

# Printing output


[11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61]


The list() and tuple() returns a new list and tuple when given an iterable object such as list, tuple, set, range, etc. That is it for this tutorial.

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