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Python List Insert: How to Insert Element in List

Lists are one of the best data structures to use. Storing and extracting values from the list is a breeze. Python has a vast number of concepts and functions that work on the lists to maintain, update, and retrieve data.

Python List Insert

The list insert() is a built-in Python function that inserts an item to the list at the given index. The insert() method accepts index and element as arguments and does not return any value, but it inserts the given element at the given index.

The syntax for the insert() method is the following.


list.insert(index, element)


The insert() function takes two parameters:

  • index – It is a required parameter, and it is a position where an element needs to be inserted.
  • element – It is a required parameter, and this is the element to be inserted in the list.

Let us take a simple example.


GoT = ['Daenerys', 'Jon', 'Tyrion']
GoT.insert(1, 'Varys')

Run the file. My Python version is 3.6.4.


Python List Insert Example | insert() Method Tutorial

Inserting the Tuple as an Element to the List

We can also add a Tuple as an element to the specified position.

GoT1_list = ['Daenerys', 'Jon', 'Tyrion']
Friends1_tuple = ('Rachel', 'Monica', 'Phoebe')
GoT1_list.insert(2, Friends1_tuple)

So, here we are adding one tuple at the position index 2. In Python, the list index is starting from 0. Let us see the output.

Inserting a Tuple as an Element to the List

So, it inserts an item at a given position. The first argument is the index of the element before which to insert, so a list.insert(index, element) inserts at the front of the list.

Inserting a Set as an Element to the List

We can also add a set in the list in a specified position.


GoT1_list = ['Daenerys', 'Jon', 'Tyrion']
Friends1_set = {'Rachel', 'Monica', 'Phoebe'}
GoT1_list.insert(2, Friends1_set)

Inserting a Set as an Element to the List

Finally, Python List insert() example is over.

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