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Beginner’s Guide To Setup React v15.4.2 Environment

Hello, Web Developers.  In today's AppDividend Tutorial, I have briefly described Beginner's Guide To Setup React Environment in our local machine. React.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces developed at Facebook. Airbnb, Instagram, Flipkart are using React.js for the frontend. So Let's Get Started!! I  am assuming that you have already install node.js in your machines. Setup React Environment Step 1: Create a project folder in your directory. mkdir react-environment Navigate to that folder.…

Beginner’s Guide To Setup ES6 Development Environment

Hello, Web Programmers. Beginner's Guide To Setup  ES6 Development Environment. To setup es6 development environment in local machine, we need to understand two tools. Babel Webpack Babel Babel is a transpiler that just converts the code from ES6 to ES5 to support all modern browsers. For more information, please visit this official BabelJS website. Webpack Webpack is module bundle for modern javascript web applications. Using webpack, we do not host multiple javascript files. We just host one file for an…