How to Setup React Native using Expo

React Native is quite a famous library for making cross-mobile applications. Today, we installed React Native using the Expo client. Through the Expo client, we can run our mobile app into our actual devices, not in Simulators or Emulators. So we can test the runtime of our application on our real Android or iOS devices. … Read more

Beginners Guide to Create React Native Application

React Native makes it possible to create native iOS and Android mobile apps without knowing any iOS or Android programming. I will guide you through the necessary setup to develop React Native Apps.  At the end of this tutorial, we will create a login view for the iOS application so nothing is more complicated. But we will be walking … Read more

React Native Create Delete Functionality From Scratch

We will build a simple functionality where users can add and remove client-side places. It does not affect the server side because there is no backend. But you will learn how to create simple clientside and create and delete the data in the application. We will test both on Android and iOS Simulators. React Native … Read more

Native Navigation in React Native: The Complete Guide

We have already seen the Navigation in React Native using React Navigation library in our previous tutorials, but now we are using React Native Navigation library, not React Navigation library. Native Navigation in React Native Navigation We start this tutorial by installing React Native using React Native CLI. Step 1: Install React Native. If you … Read more

React Native Animation: The Complete Guide

This example is Kickstarter for React Native Animation, and complex cases will be covered in the future. But right now, we start our project by installing React Native using Expo. If you are not familiar with the expo, I suggest that you first check this tutorial on How To Setup React Native Using Expo. It will … Read more

React Native Flexbox: Everything You Need to Know

Working with flexbox layout can be tricky, especially in React Native. React native component uses flexbox to design its children. Related Post: Beginners Guide To Create React Native Application React Native Flexbox Flexbox in React Native works the same way in CSS on the web, with a few exceptions. First, the defaults are different, with flexDirection defaulting to … Read more

React Native Tab View Example: A Complete Guide

Recently I needed tabbed navigation for a React Native app I’m working on. So in this example, I will show you how you can create a tab navigation system in React Native. React Native Tab View To create a tab view in React Native, use the react-native-navigation. First, we register the different screens using the … Read more

React Native Modal: Step by Step Guide

I’ve been working recently with modal popups in React Native (again!) and realized it’s a recurring pattern in many applications that’s worth writing a bit about. So, here are a few of my lessons learned over implementing modal dialogs repeatedly. Note: For a lot of cases, you might be just fine using the built-in Modal … Read more

React Native ScrollView: Step by Step Guide

A ScrollView in React Native with a single item can allow the user to zoom content. For example, set up a maximumZoomScale and minimumZoomScale props, and the user will be able to use pinch and expand gestures to zoom in and zoom out. React Native ScrollView The ScrollView is a built-in React Native generic scrolling container that … Read more

React Native Firebase: The Complete Guide

I was initially skeptical about Firebase, but after using it, it seems like it may be able to speed up widespread mobile and web app development. In a traditional mobile or web app, progress when you’re building something other. React Native Firebase To work with Firebase with React Native, use the firebase package. The firebase package provides Firebase.initializeApp() … Read more

React Native Drawer Navigator: The Complete Guide

React Native Navigation is a robust library that helps us create Navigation between different screens, Drawer Navigation, and Tab navigation in our React Native apps. We also use Ionicons to display the icons on the screen.  React Native Drawer Navigator To create a drawer navigator in React Native, use the react native navigation and toggle-based button. … Read more