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React Native

React Native makes it possible to make native iOS and Android mobile apps without needing to know any iOS or Android programming language. We will build simple login view in this tutorial in the iOS simulator.

React Native Fetch: The Complete Guide

In this tutorial, we will see how to integrate the React Native app with backend code using fetch API. Networking is an inherently asynchronous operation. What is fetch in JavaScript? Fetch is the best Promise-based networking API in…

React Native Redux: The Complete Guide

Redux is a standalone state management library, which can be used with any library or framework. For example, if your background is React developer, you have used the Redux library with React. React Native Redux To persist data in React…

React Native Swiper: A Practical Guide

Swipe gestures are reflexive to leave sloppy smear marks across our screens. In this tutorial, we'll build  React Native swiper components in both Android and iOS simulators. So let us first install React Native on mac and start working on…