Express Middleware Tutorial Example From Scratch

Express Middleware Tutorial Example From Scratch is today’s leading topic.  Express works like when we hit the request on the server; it must return a  response of a webpage like HTML or PHP or send a JSON response to the API call. Express is a very lightweight web framework. It comes with some features like Middleware. Middleware function … Read more

Simple Nodejs Authentication System Using Passport

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use passport.js to authenticate the user. So, what is Passport.js? Passport.js is a simple, unobtrusive Node.js authentication middleware for Node.js.Passport.js can be used in any Express.js-based web application. So we will use Node.js as a platform, Express as a web framework, MongoDB as a database, and Passport.js as a … Read more

Node.js Events EventEmitter: What You Need to Know

Node.js core API has built on the asynchronous event-driven architecture. In an asynchronous event architecture, certain kinds of objects (called “emitters”) periodically emit named events that cause Function objects (“listeners”) to be called. Each object that emits events is an instance of an EventEmitter class. Node.js Events EventEmitter EventEmitter is an implementation of Node.js’s pub-sub design … Read more

Google Recaptcha In Node.js Tutorial: Step by Step Guide

Google Recaptcha is a kind of security through you can prevent computer bots, spammers from entering your website. We are using Node.js and express framework to build a Google Recaptcha Security. So let us get started. Step 1: Create a project and configure it. Create your project folder, and inside type the following command in your … Read more

Node.js Express MongoDB Tutorial

Express is a Node.js web application framework that provides a robust set of features to develop rich web applications. Today we are going to deep dive in Node.js Express MongoDB Tutorial. If you want to know what is Node.js and why we use in server side technology, then please read my article Why we use … Read more

Why Node.js is so important in server-side technology

Node.js is one of the most famous, influential, and highly scalable powerful server-side technology in the world right now. We can write full-stack applications in one and only one language, “JAVASCRIPT.” You can use any frontend framework like Angular, React, Ember, Vue, or even simple jQuery. In the backend, there is only one choice for a JavaScript … Read more