AttributeError: type object ‘neuralcoref.neuralcoref.array’ has no attribute ‘reduce_cython’

AttributeError: type object ‘neuralcoref.neuralcoref.array’ has no attribute ‘__reduce_cython__’ error typically occurs when there’s a compatibility issue, possibly between the versions of neuralcoref and spaCy you are using, or perhaps with some other part of your environment.

Here are some more specific troubleshooting steps to fix the error.

Upgrade Neuralcoref and spaCy

Upgrading to the latest compatible versions can resolve issues.

pip install --upgrade neuralcoref 

pip install --upgrade spacy

Make sure that the versions are compatible according to the neuralcoref documentation.

Check Python Version

Ensure you are using a version of Python that is compatible with your neuralcoref and spaCy installations. Compatibility information should be available in the libraries’ documentation.

Check Version Compatibility

Ensure that you are using compatible versions of neuralcoref and spaCy. Check the official documentation or GitHub repository for neuralcoref to see which versions of spaCy are supported.

Reinstall Packages

Try reinstalling both the neuralcoref and spaCy packages to ensure that there are no corrupt or missing files.

pip uninstall neuralcoref spacy
pip install spacy==<compatible_version>
pip install neuralcoref

Replace <compatible_version> with the version number compatible with your neuralcoref installation.

Check for Code Errors

Make sure that you are importing and initializing the libraries correctly in your code.

Environment Isolation

Sometimes, package conflicts can cause issues. Consider creating a new Python virtual environment and installing only the packages you need for your project.

python3 -m venv myenv

source myenv/bin/activate

pip install spacy==<compatible_version>

pip install neuralcoref

By following these steps, you may be able to resolve the issue you’re facing.

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