How to Fix ImportError: cannot import name ‘dataclass_transform’

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ImportError: cannot import name ‘dataclass_transform’ error occurs when you are “trying to import a name or function called dataclass_transform from a module, but that name does not exist in the specified module.”

Here are the different ways to fix the ImportError: cannot import name ‘dataclass_transform’:

Solution 1: Upgrade to Python 3.7+

The dataclass was introduced in Python 3.7, so if you are using an older version of Python, you won’t be able to use dataclass_transform.

Upgrade to the latest version of Python to fix this error.

Solution 2: Install the dataclasses Package

You can install the dataclasses package using the following command:

pip install dataclasses

Solution 3: Install the dataclass-wizard package

If you installed the dataclasses module but still see the error, you may need to install the dataclass-wizard package.

pip install dataclass-wizard

Solution 4: Update packages

You can update your packages to ensure you are using the latest version of your dependencies.

pip install –upgrade pip

And upgrade other libraries that you are using heavily!

Solution 5: Reinstall the module

You can reinstall the dataclass_transform module using the below commands.

pip uninstall dataclass_transform pip install dataclass_transform 

By applying the above solutions, you will solve the error.

That’s it!

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