How to Fix AttributeError: module ‘keras.utils’ has no attribute ‘sequence’

AttributeError: module ‘keras.utils’ has no attribute ‘sequence’ error occurs when you are “using an outdated version of Keras.” The main cause for this error is an inner refactoring of the Keras module in the latest version, which has changed the internal file structure in the higher version.

How to Fix It?

Solution 1: Upgrading the Keras version using pip

Use the below command to update Keras to the latest version.

pip install --upgrade keras

Solution 2: Upgrading the Keras version using Conda

Use the below command to upgrade keras in Conda.

conda upgrade -c conda-forge keras

If you get, a “module is not found” error, reinstall Keras with –strict-channel-priority to ensure Keras’s dependencies are installed from conda-forge as well.

conda install -c keras --strict-channel-priority

Solution 3: Upgrading Keras version using source code

To upgrade keras via source code, you need to download the respective release branch and then run:

python install

If you are trying to use the pad_sequences or to_categorical functions, or similar sequence preprocessing methods, you should use them from keras.preprocessing.sequence or keras.utils.np_utils, respectively.

For example:

from keras.preprocessing.sequence import pad_sequences 

Or for to_categorical

from keras.utils.np_utils import to_categorical 

If you’re trying to use a method or function that doesn’t exist or has been deprecated, you should consult the official Keras documentation or the source code to find the current way of using what you need.

That’s it.

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