How to Fix ImportError: cannot import name ‘pipeline’ from ‘transformers’

ImportError: cannot import name ‘pipeline’ from ‘transformers’ error occurs when there is a version mismatch or an incomplete installation of the transformers library.

To fix the ImportError: cannot import name ‘pipeline’ from ‘transformers’ error, update the transformers library to the latest version using this command: pip install –upgrade transformers.

If you prefer using a specific version of the library, you can specify it as follows:

pip install transformers==4.12.0 

After updating the library, restart your Python environment (e.g., restart the Jupyter Notebook kernel or the Python interpreter).

Import the pipeline from the transformers library in your code.

from transformers import pipeline

If you still face issues, it might be a good idea to uninstall the transformers library and reinstall it:

pip uninstall transformers

pip install transformers

Remember to restart your Python environment after reinstalling the library.

That’s it.

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