How to Fix cannot update anaconda navigator condamultierror

Python raises “cannot update anaconda navigator condamultierror” error when you attempt to update the Anaconda Navigator, and some of the packages you installed are causing a conflict during the update process.

To fix the “cannot update anaconda navigator condamultierror” error, deactivate conda and update the Anaconda Navigator. If that does not work, uninstall and install the Anaconda Navigator.

Open the anaconda prompt and deactivate the conda using the below command.

conda deactivate

Then, update the Anaconda Navigator using the below command.

conda update anaconda-navigator

How to remove the Anaconda Navigator from Mac

To remove the Anaconda Navigator completely from Mac, remove the config files and then delete the anaconda folder, which usually resides under your home directory.

To remove the configs, use the below commands.

conda install anaconda-clean
anaconda-clean --yes

Now, you can remove the Anaconda folder using the below command.

rm -rf ~/anaconda3

It is successfully uninstalled from your system.

Now, you can try to install it again, and this time, you will not face any error, and it will install the latest version of Anaconda Navigator.

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