How to Fix RuntimeError: Couldn’t Install ‘torch’

The RuntimeError: Couldn’t Install ‘torch’ error occurs when there is a problem installing the ‘torch’ library, which is required for PyTorch, a popular machine learning library.

Causes of the RuntimeError

  1. You have insufficient permissions to install the library.
  2. It conflicts with an existing installation of ‘torch’ or other dependencies.
  3. It is an incompatible system or environment.
  4. Network connectivity issues.
  5. The current Python version is not compatible with the ‘torch’.

Reproduce the error

import sys
import os

# Check if user is root
if not os.geteuid() == 0:
  sys.exit("\nYou must be root to run this script.\n")

os.system("pip install pytorch")
# Check if installation was successful
import torch

# If the import fails, raise a runtime error
if not torch:
  raise RuntimeError("Couldn't Install 'torch'")

The above code checks if the script’s user is root and then attempts to install PyTorch using pip.

If the installation fails, it raises a RuntimeError with the message “Couldn’t Install ‘torch'”.

How to Fix RuntimeError: Couldn’t Install ‘torch’

You can use one of the following fixes to solve the “RuntimeError: Couldn’t Install ‘torch'” error.

  1. You must check that you have the necessary permissions to install the library.
  2. Make sure that you have the latest version of pip and setuptools.
  3. Uninstall any conflicting versions of the ‘torch’ library or other dependencies.
  4. Ensure that your system and environment meet the requirements for PyTorch, including the correct version of Python.
  5. You need to check your network connectivity.

I hope one of the above solutions works for you.

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