How to Fix ModuleNotFoundError: no module named pip-autoremove

The pip-autoremove is a Python package that allows you to remove unnecessary packages installed as dependencies for other packages.

Why do we need the pip-autoremove package in Python?

The pip-autoremove package helps us clean up a Python environment by removing no longer required packages.

A pip-autoremove package helps manage the dependencies and keep your Python environment clean and clutter-free.

While working with removing unnecessary packages, you face ModuleNotFoundError, and in this post, I will address this error and how to fix it.

ModuleNotFoundError: no module named pip-autoremove

The ModuleNotFoundError: no module named pip_autoremove error occurs in Python when the pip-autoremove module is not installed on your system or the interpreter cannot locate the module.

How to fix ModuleNotFoundError: no module named pip-autoremove

Check out the steps below and see if they resolved your error.

  1. Ensure that you have the latest pip version; if not, hit this command: pip install –upgrade pip.
  2. Install the pip-autoremove module using the command “pip install pip-autoremove” or python3 -m pip install python3-pip-autoremove command.
  3. If you are using a virtual environment or machine, ensure that you have installed the pip-autoremove module in the correct environment.
  4. It might be a possibility that the file is misplaced in another location instead of its original location. If that is the case, then move to its original location.

I hope one of the above solutions works for you.

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