How to Fix Fatal JavaScript invalid size error

Fatal JavaScript invalid size error occurs in JavaScript when there is an issue with the size of an object, array, or other data structure. If the JavaScript runtime finds a data structure like an array too large to be handled, it will throw an error like this.

let arr = [];

for (let i = 0; i < 10000000000000; i++) {



Fatal JavaScript invalid size error

In this code example, we created an empty array and added almost infinite elements using the array.push() function.

Depending on the JavaScript runtime you are using and the available memory on my machine, it caused an error because the JavaScript runtime may not allocate enough memory to store the array and throws me an error.

If you try to access an element of the array that is out of your array bound, you will also get an error because the index is not valid for the size of the array.

How to Fix Fatal JavaScript invalid size error

To fix the Fatal JavaScript invalid size error, ensure that you only access elements within the bounds of the array. Alternatively, you can restructure your code to use a data structure that can handle the size of the data you are working with.

If you are using an array, you might want to split your data into chunks and process it so it won’t load on your server memory allocation.

The best way to solve this type of error is to examine the code causing the error and look for any issues that might be causing the data structure to be invalid.

It is highly recommended that you use the JavaScript debugger to investigate your code and see what happens when the error occurs.

Array has different exceptions, including RangeError, TypeError, ReferenceError, and SyntaxError. To handle these types of exceptions, use a try-catch block.

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