How to Create a Comment Block on Jupyter Notebook

Follow these steps to create a block comment to your Jupyter notebook:

  1. First, launch a Jupyter Notebook in a web browser.
  2. Select the lines of code that you want to include in the block comment.
  3. To create the block comment, select multiple lines and then type # at the beginning of each one.


The #(pound) symbol adds a comment block to a code section in Python. The compiler treats as a comment any line of code that begins with #.

Let’s say you have an file with the following line of code.

def multiply(x, y): 
  return x * y

You can create a block comment by selecting the lines of code and typing # at the beginning of each line in Jupyter Notebook.

# def multiply(x, y):
#   return x * y

The above code will create a block comment in your Jupyter notebook, and the interpreter will ignore everything within the block.

Shortcut to do comment block on Jupyter notebook

Use the Ctrl + / shortcut command in Jupyter Notebook in Chrome browser in MS Windows.

On a Mac, use the CMD + / command to comment out the block of code in Jupyter Notebook.

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