JavaScript String toLocaleLowerCase() Method

JavaScript String toLocaleLowerCase() method is used to convert a string to lowercase letters, using the current locale. The locale is based on the language settings of the browser. This method does not modify the original string.




locale(optional): It is the parameter that indicates locale to convert to the lowercase according to any locale-specific case mappings. If multiple locales are given in the Array, the best available locale is used.

Return value

Returns the string representing the value of a string converted to lowercase according to the host’s current locale.

Visual RepresentationJavaScript String toLocaleLowerCase() MethodExample 1: How to Use the toLocaleLowerCase() Method

let text = 'AppDividend';



Example 2: Using different localesVisual Representation of Using different locales

let text = 'AppDividend'; 
console.log('EN-US: ' + text.toLocaleLowerCase('en-US')); 
console.log('TR: ' + text.toLocaleLowerCase('tr'));
console.log('De: ' + text.toLocaleLowerCase('de-DE'));


EN-US: appdividend
TR: appdividend
De: appdividend

In the above example, we applied the toLocaleLowerCase()  method to the string ‘AppDividend‘ using various locale settings: U.S. English (en-US), Turkish (tr), and German (de-DE). The output is ‘appdividend‘ for all specified locales because ‘AppDividend‘ does not contain any locale-specific characters that the locale parameter in the method would affect.

Browser compatibility

  • Google Chrome 1
  • Edge 12
  • Firefox 1
  • Opera 4
  • Safari 1.3

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