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How to Calculate a Percentage in Python

There is no percentage operator in Python to calculate the percentage, but it is irrelevant to implement on your own.

Python Percentage

To calculate a percentage in Python, use the division operator (/) to get the quotient from two numbers and then multiply this quotient by 100 using the multiplication operator (*) to get the percentage. This is a simple equation in mathematics to get the percentage.

quotient = 3 / 5

percent = quotient * 100




That means its a 60%.

You can create a custom function in Python to calculate the percentage.

def percentage(part, whole):
  percentage = 100 * float(part)/float(whole)
  return str(percentage) + "%"

print(percentage(3, 5))



You may want to add an if statement the whole is 0 return 0 since otherwise, this will throw an exception.

If you want the percentage about each other, then you need to use the following code.

def percent(x, y):
    if not x and not y:
        print("x = 0%\ny = 0%")
    elif x < 0 or y < 0:
        print("The inputs can't be negative!")
        final = 100 / (x + y)
        x *= final
        y *= final
        print('x = {}%\ny = {}%'.format(x, y))

percent(3, 6)


x = 33.33333333333333%
y = 66.66666666666666%

Python % sign(Modulo Operator)

The percent sign in Python is called modulo operator “%,” which returns the remainder after dividing the left-hand operand by the right-hand operand.

data = 3
info = 2
remainder = data % info



The output will appear as a “1“. Here, the modulo operator “%” returns the remainder after dividing the two numbers.

The %s operator enables you to add value to a Python string. The %s signifies that you want to add string value into the string; it is also used to format numbers in a string.

That is it for finding percentages in the Python tutorial.

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