PHP chunk_split: How to Split String in PHP

PHP chunk_split() is a string function that splits the string into a series of smaller parts. It does not return the original string.

PHP chunk_split()

PHP chunk_split() is a built-in string function used to split or divide the string into chunks or small parts. The chunk_split() function returns the split string. The function is used to split the string into smaller chunks of a specific length.


The syntax of the function is the following.

string chunk_split($string, $length, $end)


  1. The $string parameter specifies a string which is needed to be chunked.
  2. The $length parameter specifies an integer which defines the chunk length. That is the length of the chunked parts.
  3. The $end parameter specifies the line ending sequence.


See the code example.


$str = "BobbyBrown";
echo chunk_split($str, 5, "...");

See the output.

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See another example of Friends.


$centralperk = "FRIENDS";
echo chunk_split($centralperk, 1, ".");

See the output.

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Remember, The chunk_split() function doesn’t return an array, but rather a string.

If you want to use it, you would have to convert the string returned by the chunk_split() function into an array.

The result of chunk_split() in PHP 5.0.4 does not match the result in other versions of PHP.

That’s it for this tutorial.

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