Python String swapcase: Complete Guide

 The swapcase() method returns the string where all the upper case letters are lower case and vice versa.

Python String swapcase()

The swapcase() is a built-in string handling Python method used to change the case of the string. The swapcase() method returns the string where all the uppercase letters are changed to lowercase letters and vice versa.


See the following syntax.


Here, the string variable holds the input string on which the swapcase() method is applied.


The swapcase() method doesn’t take any parameters. If any parameter is passed, it throws an error.

Return Value

The swapcase() function returns the string with the cases of the letters present in the string changed. Lowercase letters are changed to uppercase letters and vice versa.


See the following code example.


h1= “Hello boY”



Example programs on swapcase() method in python

Write the following program to show the mechanism of the swapcase() method.


h1 = "MilEy CirUS"
h2 = "Hello Boy"
h3 = "Qwerty"
h4 = "HELLO girl"
h5 = "lionel messi IS THE BEST"

print("Original String: ", h1, "Case changed: ", h1.swapcase())
print("Original String: ", h2, "Case changed: ", h2.swapcase())
print("Original String: ", h3, "Case changed: ", h3.swapcase())
print("Original String: ", h4, "Case changed: ", h4.swapcase())
print("Original String: ", h5, "Case changed: ", h5.swapcase())


Original String:  MilEy CirUS Case changed:  mILeY cIRus
Original String:  Hello Boy Case changed:  hELLO bOY
Original String:  Qwerty Case changed:  qWERTY
Original String:  HELLO girl Case changed:  hello GIRL
Original String:  lionel messi IS THE BEST 
Case changed:  LIONEL MESSI is the best

Example 2: Take two strings as input and print “They are same” if after using swapcase() method on one of the strings, it returns the same value; otherwise, print “They are not same”.

See the following program.


h1 = "MIKE"
h2 = "mike"

if(h1.swapcase() == h2):
    print("THEY ARE SAME")
    print("THEY ARE NOT SAME")



That’s it for this tutorial.

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