How to Create Virtual Network in Microsoft Azure in 2022

virtual network connects resources and services like virtual machines and database applications with each other and the rest of the internet via the secure, encrypted, and private networks. Virtual networking is the technology that promotes the control of one or more remotely located computers or servers over the Internet. Virtual networks are required when we connect all of our resources in azure.

How to Create Virtual Network in Microsoft Azure

If you don’t have the Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.

We are creating a new virtual network in the Microsoft Azure portal. See the following steps.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. From that Azure portal menu, select Create a resource.
  3. From that Azure Marketplace, select Networking > Virtual network.
  4. In the Create virtual network, enter or select this information.
  5. Leave the rest as default and click on Create.

Let’s see each step one by one.

Step 1: SignIn to the Azure Portal

Go to the Azure portal website and signin with your credentials.

After login, you will see the following screen.

Azure Portal

Step 2: Select Create a resource

From the Azure portal menu or as we can see in the above screenshot under Azure services, our first option is Create a resource. Click on the create a resource button and you will see the following screen.

Azure Marketplace

Here, we need to click on the Networking option. So let’s click and we will see the following screen.

Azure Networking

There are so many options like Virtual Network, Load Balancer, Application Gateway, Frontdoor, Firewall, ExpressRoute, etc.

Now, select Virtual Network.

Step 3: In Create Virtual Network, fill out the following information

After selecting a Virtual network, you will see the following form which we need to fill to create a virtual network in Azure.

We need to fill one by one information in the above dialog box.

Create Virtual Network in Microsoft Azure

See the following table for more detailed information.

Setting Value
Name Enter your virtual network name | MyVN
Address space Enter
Subscription Select your subscription | Free tier
Resource group Select Create new, enter myResourceGroup, then select OK.
Location Select (US) Central US.
Subnet – Name Enter default or whatever you name.
Subnet – Address range Enter
DDoS Protection Basic
Service Endpoints disabled
Firewall disabled

After validating all the information, click on the create button and it will take a minute or two to build a virtual network.

Virtual Network Deployment

After a minute or two, your virtual network is ready.

Azure Virtual Network

So, our virtual network is ready to work with.

There are lots of settings that you can modify from here. See the following screenshot.

Azure Virtual Network Setting

You can connect the virtual networks to each other with virtual network peering. These newly created virtual networks can be in the same region or different regions (also known as Global VNet peering).

Once virtual networks have peered, resources in both virtual networks are able to communicate with each other, with a same latency and bandwidth as if those resources were in the same virtual network.


Virtual networks are helpful when we connecting all the on-premise resources. A virtual network in Azure provides isolation and separation from other virtual networks.

A virtual network is the primary building block for your private network in Azure. It provides Azure resources, like virtual machines (VMs), to securely communicate with each other and with the internet.

In this tutorial, we have seen how to create a virtual network using the Azure portal.

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