Python String center() Method

Python String center() is a built-in method that “creates and returns a new string padded with the specified character”The string center() method in python provides padding with a specific character, which can be space or any other character. The method returns a new string that is padded.

Syntax, fillchar)


The center() method takes two arguments:

width: length of the string with padded characters.

fillchar: padding character.

The fillchar argument is optional. If it’s not provided, space is taken as a default argument.

Example 1

s1 ='hello'
s2 =, '#')



It returns a string padded with the specified character. It doesn’t change the value of the main string; it stores the padded string in another variable.

Example 2

s1 = 'hello this is a string'
s2 =, "*")



*********hello this is a string*********

Example 3

string = "I am AlienX"
string2 =, "#")


#########I am AlienX########## 

That’s all!

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