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Python int: How to Convert String to Integer or Number

The int() function in Python and Python3 converts the number in the given base to decimal. The int() function converts the specified value into an integer number.

Python int()

Python int() is an inbuilt method that returns an integer object from any number or string.  If you are looking to find a solution regarding converting any number or string to integer then you can use the Python int() function.


int(value, base)


value parameter is a number or a string that can be converted into an integer number.

A base parameter is a number representing the number format. The default value is 10.

See the following example.


data = "1921"

See the output.

Python Int Function Tutorial

So, the int() method returns:

  1. The integer object from a given number or string treats the default base as 10.
  2. If there are no parameters, then it returns 0
  3. If the base has given, then it treats the string in the given base (0, 2, 8, 10, 16).

Python int() for custom objects

Internally, the int() method calls an object’s __int__() method.

So, even if an object isn’t the number, you can convert an object into the integer object.

You can do this by overriding the __index__() and __int__() methods of a class to return the number.

The above mentioned two methods should return the same value as an older version of Python uses an __int__(), while newer uses an __index__() method.

See the following code.


class App:
    price = 21

    def __index__(self):
        return self.price
    def __int__(self):
        return self.price

app = App()
print('int(app) is:', int(app))

See the output.

Python int() for custom objects

Convert Float into Int

We can convert the float into an int using the following code.


amp = 19.21

See the output.

Convert Float into Int

You could use the round function. If you use no second parameter (# of significant digits), then I think you will get the behavior you want.

Finally, Python int() Function example is over.

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