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  1. Jonas says


    Why include the provider column in the social_twitter_accounts table when you already named the table in such manner that it’s already provider specific?

    1. Krunal says

      Actually, I have to provide specifics because sometimes there are more than one social logins and it’s best practice to give one column provider. Here I am using only one social login but still best practice to make one column for that.

  2. Mfawa Alfred Onen says

    Good tutorial but you need to update SocialTwitterAccountService to use bcrypt() or the Hash::make() Facade for the passwords as a better option.

  3. olivedev says

    Socialite is a great package in Laravel for easily implementing social login. My friend has written a similar article on it as well, but he has also explained adding Facebook login using socialite in laravel app.

    1. Krunal says

      I have also written how to log in with facebook in Laravel. Please check it. You find it useful

  4. Aymen says


  5. pid907455 says

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