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  1. Gabriel Marquez says

    Nice post, It works fully, I followed step by step. However, it just works for the facebook account you set up on the dashboard of facebook developer. If I want to log in with another account, it doesn’t work fully.

    1. Krunal says

      Okay, go to your development account and make the app live and then again try to logged in as another user.

  2. Gabriel Marquez says

    The step 10 works properly. Do you know if making your app and all its live features available to the general public wont have any security problems?

    1. Krunal says

      Nope, you just need to assign proper permissions required by the application and also there are so many different algorithms which you can secure your app, but some of them, you need to develop on your own.

  3. FredFlinstone says

    very thanks for this great tutorial … everything is working fine, but … if I login via FB, user XY is logged into web, then I log out successfully. Meanwhile I check db-table “users” and user XY is added to db-table (name, email, password, remember_token).
    Then I try log as XY in via credentials – email/password, but error message is raised (These credentials do not match our records.)
    What is wrong? because this credential really exists in db-table “users”.

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